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 Asian Girls present their fetish on this Website. The four friends enjoy hanging around in Catsuits, especially if they are made of Lycra / Spandex or Rubber / Latex. You will get an impression of their lifes with their fetish. They document every move in pictures and videos. This site is Updated at least twice a week with new sets of these sweet fetish girls. Like Asian Girls in Spandex? Like us un Facebok too!

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Prissy preparing for golen shower  (33 Images)

29 Feb 12

Do you wanna stick you head in the toilet chair?

Maya and Prissy  (37 Images)

22 Feb 12

This time young Asian Teen Maya is wearing a black Latex Catsuit

Maya and Prissy in the dungeon  (31 Images)

15 Feb 12

Unfortnately we have been busy and not able to update this site. Now we change! Here is another shoot made in our BDSM dungeon of Maya and Prissy. Enjoy!

The Dungeon Files Part 3  (32 Images)

26 Sep 11

And the last part of the dungeon files. Hope you enjoyed it! aybe one day we will have some more?

The Dungeon Files Part 2  (35 Images)

22 Sep 11

Kiki and Prissy start to feel comfortable in the dungeon and changed their catsuits...

The Dungeon Files Part 1  (57 Images)

19 Sep 11

Here are Kiki and our new Model Prissy in a BDSM Dungeon. All dressed in Lycra and Spandex Catsuits for sure

Video Update! Kiki in leotard, pantyhose stockings layers  (1 Movies)

15 Sep 11

Here is the video update of kiki wearing leotard, shiny pantyhose and stockings. Enjoy!

Kiki with Layers!  (77 Images)

12 Sep 11

Here is Liki with a leotard, wearing shiny pantyhose and on top black shiny stockings.

Video Update! Kiki in japanese Race Queen Leotard  (1 Movies)

08 Sep 11

And here is the videou update of our cute asian model kiki in japanes lycra race Queen Leotard

Kiki in Race Queen Leotard  (59 Images)

05 Sep 11

Here is our model Kiki in her lycra Race Queen Leotard

Video Update! Kiki as Mistress  (1 Movies)

01 Sep 11

Here is the video Update of Mistress Kiki in her Black Lycra Catsuit.

Kiki as Mistress in Black Catsuit  (48 Images)

29 Aug 11

Here is asian beauty Kiki an a black lycra catsuit

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